Full-Time RV Living – The Monthly Purge Challenge – Month 1 Update {Part 2}

Whoo! It has been a long and crazy four weeks! We have been busy gathering and organizing and everything in between which means that it is time for our Month 1 Clutter Purge Challenge update! October was more about organizing and seeing what we actually own than it was about cleaning. I have several different places that I intend to send things so if we’re not organized, I could easily send something to the wrong spot and lose out on money that is very much needed for our full-time travel launch budget.

We're planning our full-time RV living launch and the clutter purge is on! Check out the update to our first month of clearing out clutter and things we can't take with us in the RV!

This month we have been working on a couple of very specific areas. First, we’re organizing the garage. When we moved into the home that we’re currently in, we brought only the most important items into the house. The rest stayed in the garage in boxes until we could get them gone through. Going through them as been our number one priority for the last few weeks. We are separating the items between family heirlooms that we will be putting into storage, donations and things that we will be selling to help with our launch budget. Needless to say, when you’re full-time RV living, you can’t keep everything. Honestly, I’m okay with that as I’ve been craving a simpler lifestyle for a very long time.

Full-Time RV Living – The Monthly Purge Challenge – Month 1 Check-in

Our goal for October was 200 items gone through or $500.00 in earnings. While we didn’t hit the earnings mark (b/c nothing actually got listed for sale), we did make the 200 items gone through. We are planning our first yard sale to purge our clutter this coming weekend. I know. It’s November, but we’re currently living in Central Texas so it will be 85 degrees and nice out. I see now reason not to cash in on the nice weather. I’ll be using the garage sale tips that I wrote about in my book Yard Sale Pro to make sure that we make as much as possible. Our usual yard sales do very well with several hundred dollars in sales, but this will be the first one since we’ve moved into this house so I’m unsure about the area.

It is truly amazing to me how many books my family owns. At current count, we’re somewhere near 400 with several more boxes in the garage that still need going through. Our family loves to read, but since books weigh a ton, we will be saving only the ones that our daughter will need for school next year like the Usborne The World Wars. The rest of them, the ones we read for pleasure, will all be sold and replaced with e-books loaded onto our Kindle Fire. As far as selling them, we have found entire sets of kids books like The Berenstain Bears or the entire Sesame Street Treasury from the 80’s so I am considering starting an Etsy store to sell the vintage items. I’m not big on using Ebay and would prefer Etsy over Ebay.

We also made it through several boxes of clothing that had been packed up until we had a chance to deal with them. They have been separated into two sections as of right now. The first is a donate section. These are clothes and other items that we don’t feel have a great resale value. They may be an odd size or brand or don’t look like new. Obviously we aren’t going to donate things that are stained or otherwise unwearable, but I also won’t attempt to resell an item that doesn’t look like it is in new or like new condition.

These items will be front and center, along with quite a bit of other stuff that I will be going through in the coming week, are what our first yard sale is made up of.

I also have an update to our launch budget! 

We had a $1500 misc. fee included in our launch budget. Without going into too many details, it was a fee that would have kept us from launching. I’m happy to say that we have fully paid that fee off! It may only be one thing on our launch budget tackled, but it is one step closer to what we need! I’m super excited to see that “paid in full” receipt hanging on the corkboard behind my desk!

November’s Monthly Purge update will be posted the first or second week of December. I do think that I’m going to slow myself down a bit in order to avoid wearing myself out. That is partially why there hasn’t been any new posts on Unsettled Hearts. I’ve been too tired!

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