Full Time Travel – 12 Things to Ask Before Traveling Full Time

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Full time travel might seem like something you can just pack up and do, but really, it isn't anything to sneeze at. Not only are you leaving your comfort zone, but you're leaving behind the stability of having a sticks and bricks home, your steady job and the possessions that you have accumulated over the years. If you're like me, you'll want to sell everything, run out, buy your RV and leave all within the same week. While that is what I wanted to do, I'm not the type to do things lightly. Fifteen years ago, I would have jumped right in, but today, the mother in me forces me to wait and be smart about things that are as big as making the decision to travel full-time.

Darn her. 

Ready to just pack up and travel full time? Stop! Make absolutely certain you ask yourself these 12 questions before you do!

If you're considering traveling full-time, you'll want to take the time that you need to get comfortable with the idea of leaving everyone and everything behind. You'll also have to face some pretty hard questions about yourself and your family before you launch too. If you don't take the time that you need to figure things out, you're very likely going to find yourself in the middle of the road somewhere, unhappy with your decision and unsure about what to do next.

Full Time Travel – 12 Things to Ask Before Traveling Full Time

Know one thing before you go into this. These questions will make you think and you may not like the answers. It took almost two years for us to go from the “maybe” stage to the stage where we were planning our full time RV launch budget. It may not take you that long, but if it takes you less than 72 hours? You need to check with yourself to make sure you have actually answered yourself honestly.

Why do I want to travel full time? 

If you can't nail down why you want to travel full time in just a few seconds? Take whatever time you need to answer the question. You absolutely will need to know why when things get tough for you after you've launched. Believe me, they will get tough.

How do I want to travel full time?

Do you want to live full time in an RV like we will be? Or would you rather jet around to your different destinations by air? How you travel will affect more than just your comfort level. It will also affect your budget and your entire family.

Does my family want to travel full time?

Traveling full time as a single person is one thing, but if you have a family, you need to take their wishes and opinions into account. If you're going to uproot them and sell everything they own (pretty much), they need to be fully on board. If they're not, you absolutely will run into problems.

Can I handle being on the road more often than not?

When you travel full time, you will very likely spend more time traveling than you will sitting stationery. You and your family need to be okay with this. Otherwise, it kind of defeats the point.

Do you like your family?

I know this seems like a strange question, but do you like your family? Sure, I know that you love them, but when you're traveling full time, you'll be with them 24/7. This will require you to actually like them and want to spend a huge amount of time with them.

Can you stand being around your family every minute of every day?

Like I said, when you're a full time traveling family, you will be spending every minute of every day with your family. Can you handle that? If not, full time traveling may not be right for you and yours.

Can you afford to travel full time?

While it is true that traveling full time can actually be cheaper than living in a sticks and bricks home, it can also be more expensive. Make sure, before you leave, that your family budget can actually handle traveling full time. If not, you'll find yourself in deeper trouble than you ever could have imagined.

How will you work while traveling full time?

For me, work won't change too much. I am lucky enough to have a full time lifestyle blog that earns well enough to take care of my family and to have a virtual assistant business on the side.

Are you really okay selling everything you own to travel?

When you travel full time, you really can't own anywhere near the amount of stuff that you do when you live in a house. You'll need to ask yourself if you're really okay with selling off everything. In the end, it is all just possessions, but those possessions mean something to some people.

Can I really leave behind 90% of the conveniences that I've grown accustomed to?

We are a society of convenience and as such, we are accustomed to certain things. When you're traveling full time, those things won't always be available. Before you launch, make certain that you're okay not having those things. Most of the time they will still be there, but there may be times where they aren't. You need to be prepared and willing to accept it when it happens.

How much money do I really need to save?

One of the biggest issues when a family is looking toward full time travel is money and each family will need a different amount in order to launch. Make sure that you have worked out your full time travel launch budget before you even try to launch so that you can save the money that you'll need.

When do we leave?!

Finally, the last question that you'll need to ask yourself is when you leave?! Setting out for full time travel is a fun experience, but something that requires planning. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to do that planning.



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